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AmherstIT is a premier search firm that you can trust with your information technology job search and hiring needs. AmherstIT is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but we recruit for IT positions nationwide. If you are an employer seeking new IT talent or looking to refill an urgent technology requisition, we can help. If you are a technology professional looking to make a job change…AmherstIT is the only name that you need to know.

The job search and hiring process can be very stressful on everyone involved. Applicants are trying to find time in their schedules to interview, keep up with their workload, and still maintain a social life. Hiring managers are trying to deliver their projects on time without overburdening their teams, while at the same time allocating the additional workload created by the vacancy in their department. Searching for a new job or filling an open position can be very stressful, but it doesn't have to be. With AmherstIT at your side presenting your company with top talent or scheduling you for interviews with phenomenal employers…you'll wonder where we've been all your life.

For Information Technology candidates, we try to find employers that will make you excited about waking up in the morning and heading into work. We look to work with companies that have exciting projects that allow you to utilize as many of your skills as possible. We search for companies with great work/life balance because life is too short to spend all of it at the office. Our goal is to pair up the best companies with the best candidates.

Working with the right search firm frees up your time to focus on the other things that are important in your day and in your life. Our goal is to work with the best employers and the best candidates in the marketplace. If you are one of the best, then we want to work with you! Contact us immediately, so that we can help you find that perfect candidate or that perfect job. AmherstIT, the right search firm for your IT needs.

Isang Inokon

Managing Director

Whether you're an employer with multiple technology job openings that you're looking to fill or an information technology job seeker searching for a new place to call home, AmherstIT is the only name that you need to know.img